A Note On Laundry Soap

So I know most of you make your own laundry soap and love it.  We make it and love it as well.  I use it on my diapers and they come out perfectly clean and have had no build up issues like other moms have.  The only thing I hate is the way this soap looks.  I know it sounds crazy but in my own mind it just doesn't look right and so I sometimes cringe when I use it.  A while back I found a solution to my problem.

Let me back up and say that I use this recipe that Michele posted long ago and it is a keeper.  I don't use a full 2 gallon bucket though.  I use an old laundry soap bucket from Costco.(the ones with the spouts)  They are not quite two gallons but I'm not too worried.

So here is what I do.  I make the soap up with only one gallon of water.  I let it sit until it is cool.  Usually mine has turned into a hard mass that I have to break up.  Then, this is the good part so pay attention, I take my had mixer to it and break those parts up.  Yep thats right!  I whip that stuff to death.  Then I add the other gallon of water(or however much will fit into my bucket).  I keep using my mixer and adding the water until all is smooth and looks like real laundry soap.

What I will say though is that is will still kind of clump up when you leave it just sitting there.  Each time I go do a load of laundry I give my bucket a little shake or stir and all the clumps are gone.  I then have this beautiful soap that looks so much less gross.  I've tried to get it to come out of those spout containers but it won't so don't try it.  Well try it if you want to and if you have success then tell me your secret!

Thats my news for today mostly because I just made tons of laundry soap.  After we get sick(which we just did, yuck!) I end up doing just about a million loads of laundry. Hence running out of laundry soap.  Happy mixing!

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